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Benefits of Property Management

AMSI Real Estate Services • Nov 14, 2021

Benefits of Property Management

Managing rental property on your own can be time-consuming. The myriad of California and Local laws alone, especially in heavily rent-controlled communities, can be very confusing and technical for a landlord to keep up to date. 

Partnering with a seasoned, licensed, and trustworthy Property Management company like AMSI allows a landlord to tap into our experienced and seasoned resources. The delegated day-to-day tasks and communications free up time and reduce stress by making the business a lot easier and hassle-free for the property owner.

AMSI’s Property Manager Nathan Murdock, SFAA (San Francisco Apartment Association) Property Manager of the year 2010, says that “it is important to build a good relationship with the tenant and involve the landlord with the ongoing management of the property”.

While AMSI’s property management team is managing your property, our sophisticated online technology allows you to stay connected and be involved with the ongoing management of your property. Meanwhile, our tenant relations department vets and handles the needs and requests of the tenants.

According to Nathan, a good property manager will implement and oversee:

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